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I was on Facebook today and saw a shared blog post that really bothered me. I won’t give the link here because it doesn’t deserve any more attention. But, it was shared by more than one friend and has hundreds of comments, so I decided to voice my opinion, in my own quiet way, on my blog. Well, I also made a comment on one of my friend’s posts.

The blogger stated that she is the worst mom ever. (I’ll have to agree.) Then, in jest, supposedly, she complains about the end of the school year. In the course of her musings, she states that she hasn’t signed her child’s homework packet for 3 weeks. OK, we all do that at some point. Not a big deal. Then she complains about finding the time to read to her daughter, after already having logged billions of minutes reading and says that she’ll be doing this until she dies. Well, I hope so!

The part that bothered me the most was that she chooses and names 2 out of her five children that she will keep and educate because they like to read. The other three will have to take care of themselves. (I’m not quoting her here because I don’t want to visit her site again to get it correct, but the message is there.)

I feel awful for the three children that weren’t chosen. If they read her blog they will be very sad. Words like that, whether spoken in jest or not, hurt.

I find it difficult to read about a parent who is complaining about the normal, everyday stuff, especially on the heels of tragedies like Sandy Hook or the Oklahoma tornadoes. There are many parents who would love to have the chance again to read to their child, check their homework, or make lunch for them and those opportunities have been taken from them.

Let’s appreciate what we have. I know that some days are more difficult than others. But, my friends, if you have time to blog about what you’re not doing for your children, then you need to stop blogging and be a mom! 

Don’t get me wrong, I like funny stuff as much as anyone. I just don’t like it when it is pointed at children in the way this particular blog was done. None of those things she complained about will last forever. Yes, I have endured the end of the school year for 20 years multiplied by three children. I’ve been there. And, seriously, she only had a few days of school left. Suck it up and move on already!


When did our failures become our badges of honor? Why do we relish in our failures and not in our successes. I would rather be called the best mom than the worst mom ever, even if I’m giving myself the title.

It seems that our failures are more noteworthy than our accomplishments. When you succeed it’s ok to brag a bit. You worked hard for that right. Go ahead and shout it to the world!

Our failures are an important part of our learning process. Let’s use them, learn from them, and then when we’re bragging about our success we can mention them as they guys who helped us succeed.

Sometimes I think we learn too much about each other on Facebook.


i missed all of 2012

well, i knew it had been a while since i posted on here, but i was surprised to see that i never wrote anything in 2012. wow!

here it is in a nutshell:
clayton came home in march
nick & emily visited in may
clayton & hunter started at saddleback in august
the holidays happened
hunter got his first job at hobby lobby in december

ok, now i’m all caught up. i’ll move on to 2013…

12 more weeks

clayton has only 12 weeks left! i can hardly wait! we will get to talk/video chat with him on christmas day. then it won’t be too long before we’re welcoming him home. yippee!

it’s almost halloween!

5 more days till halloween! my favorite holiday is almost here!

i know i’ve been absent from this blog for a while. can’t really say why, because i just don’t know. i have been mostly keeping up on my other blog:
that’s the site i’m trying to earn some money on. i’m not succeeding, yet. i really need to come up with some ways to get traffic to the site. i’ll keep working on it.

this has been a busy and fun month. hunter was involved in san clemete stake’s production of “the music man” and it consumed a large chunk of his time. the performances, however, were so much fun! i never took any pictures. darn. silly me, what was i thinking? but, we had a great time. hunter and his friend spencer, ran the lighting for the show. they had a lot of fun together and did an amazing job. it was nice to have hunter be a part of such a worthwhile activity. thank you san clemente stake, for giving hunter this opportunity!

also this month hunter and doug passed the test for their amateur radio operator license. they have the basic level-technician. doug got a small hand-held ham radio last saturday and they are still working on figuring it out. and yes, they are having fun learning. i still don’t understand the point of it, but i’m sure i’ll get it eventually.

on september 20th, hunter and i visited the san juan capistrano mission. he needed to go there to fill a requiremnet for a merit badge. we were very silly that day. neither one of us was very excited about being there, but we had fun anyway. hunter wanted to climb on everything. literally. everything. i had to reign him in several times. i told him i didn’t pay $18 to get kicked out of the mission. here are a few pictures of our visit.

as soon as we walked in we were greeted by this dead rat. he seemed to be saying, “welcome to the mission. don’t drink the water!”

there were two large fish ponds that you could sit next to and see the fish up close and personal. we tried ernie’s way of catching fish by yelling, “heeerrrre fishy fishy fishy!” it worked really well. they flocked right over to us. too bad we didn’t have a boat for them to flop in to.

were the spanish folk really short, or did they just like ducking through doorways?

i said this to hunter so many times and here i am on a wall. is this the wall they meant we shouldn’t climb or is it the one behind the sign? hmmm…

’nuff said.

oooo…he touched the butt! uh, i mean bell. after we took this picture, THEN we noticed the sign that said not to climb up there. oops!

we had fun even though we were both resistant to being there. and the best part is that he got the merit badge! yippee! now we just need to get an eagle project done and we are forever done with scouts! yippee x 10!!!!!!!!

that’s the update for now. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

my thoughts for today

i just spent some time reading over my facebook page for the day. so many thoughts ran through my head as i read. some people posted about children and family achievements, some about political agendas, some about favorite restaurants, some said where they were at the time of posting (i still don’t undertstand why people need to post their whereabouts), some were posts from companies and/or famous people, or tv shows. with so much to read and learn about others, why do i feel like i didn’t use my time wisely?

i clicked “like” on a few posts. i was saddened by 2 posts. i almost commented on one post, but decided against it.

after the passing of my friend’s daughter just over a month ago, i have a new perspective on life. what exactly are the most important things we should be doing with our time? reading posts of where all 300 or 1000 of our “friends” are currently? posting about what we are eating for lunch? one friend’s post made me want to shout out to the world about how eating healthier will change our fight against cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc. there is so much to know and learn. why do we fight it? why do we stick to what we know and not want to change? is that cookie, that large slab of steak, or that diet soda so addicting that we choose not to let it go? if we could get rid of 90% of our physical ailments just by eliminating the crap food from our lives, why would we not do it? sounds easy to me. i’m not struggling with cancer. i’ve had gestational diabetes. i’ve been (and still am slightly) overweight. i tried. i changed. what i was doing before was leading me down a dangerous path. i changed paths. i feel better. i look better. i don’t plan on dying of cancer, diabetes, or any of those big, awful things.

i plan to be an old lady who can run, walk, remember, and not have 20 doctor appointments a month and cabinets full of medications to take. i don’t plan on taking ANY! i’m not buying into the idea that we “get old” and things fall apart. that’s only happening because we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves.

my healthy road is, unfortunately, a lonely road at present. i’ve been traveling it for a few years now. it would be nice to have someone-anyone-join me. i’ve been made fun of, accused of “torturing” myself, and even encouraged when i make a “wrong” choice. (wrong in my eyes, not everyone else’s.) why do we feel the need to let each other down? why can’t we be happy or excited for another person’s achievement without feeling badly about ourselves? when you say “i’m so happy for you” do you really mean it?

i find the need to “brag” about ourselves to be a very curious need. why do we all crave attention? why do children always say, “look at me!” it seems to be in our very nature from the beginning. facebook, or any social website, seems to give us that outlet, a place to say, “look at me.”

still, i find myself scrolling through my facebook page every day. today i ask myself why. why? we lived just fine without it a few years ago. we lived without cell phones and pocket computers not so long ago. why are we so addicted to these things now? what has changed that makes us feel the need to “stay connected” on an hourly, or daily basis? what happened to getting together with the neighbors and hanging out in the street at night? what happened to just visiting with a friend without having to do it over lunch at a restaurant? why don’t we just spend the days together doing stuff? silly stuff. or going for a walk just to go for a walk, not because we “need the exercise” or because we didn’t get our workout in that day?

are we really enjoying our lives? or are we doing what we think the world expects of us? are we happy, or just think we are happy? what exactly are the most important things?

every day i wish i could be spending time with my family. every day i think about my boys who are far away. every day i wish i could be with them, talk to them, or just sit with them. is that what is the most important? being together with our family? is there more? i am so content when my family is home together. i just feel like there is nothing in the world better than that. no sunset, no majestic mountain, no book, no movie, no thing at all in the world better than that. it is the time when i am the happiest. it is the time when i am most content. is that what is the most important? well, to me it is.

now, if i weren’t sitting alone at home right now typing these thoughts, i might be happier. i do enjoy my quiet time. but i always miss my family. daily, hourly, every minute. i am truly happy when they succeed. i don’t reflect on myself and think, “why couldn’t i do that?” i am truly happy. i love my family. my husband, my son and his beautiful wife, my missionary son, and my youngest son. i am so blessed. they make me happy.

i will begin to rethink my place in this world, my need for social networking, my plan for helping others to be healthy, and whatever else i’ve just spilled my guts about here in this blog. does any of it make sense to you? does anyone read my blog? i think i’m done now. these are just my thoughts for today.

have a great day. i do really mean it!

wedding pictures (a little bit late)

i’ve been away from this blog for a while, so i thought it was about time to catch up.

i just realized yesterday that i didn’t have nick and emily’s wedding pictures on my computer in iphoto. now they are there, so now i can share them with you!

there are soooo many. here are the highlights:

this beautiful cake was created by my sweet friend, davlyn. it was exactly what emily wanted! isn’t it beautiful? you can see more of davlyn’s amazing creations at

the beautiful flowers were done by davlyn’s sister, lara, who is the other half of the company. notice the centerpiece below. davlyn and lara are so much fun to work with and make such beautiful creations. thank you, my friends. you helped make the day so beautiful!

i also have wonderful friends who helped make desserts for our dessert bar. the food looked so amazing and tasted so yummy! thank you to all my friends who helped. you are the best!

the next day they went to the pier at huntington beach and did some relaxed, no stress photos-no stress about getting to the reception on time. here are some of my favorites:

and if this isn’t enough, you can visit

you’ll get to see the most beautiful video ever! ok, maybe i’m exaggerating a little, but to me it is so amazing. i just watched it, again, for about the one zillionth time and i cried again! i so thought i was over it. but, do we ever get over these precious moments? the video was created by yet another good friend, wayne smith. he is so talented. thank you, wayne! i still love it a year later!

i can’t forget to mention my awesomely talented and amazing brother the photographer. he took all the pictures. he’s just the best! you can find more of his work at

well, i might be 11 months late in posting, but at least it’s here! enjoy!

i’m an amazon associate

if you are going to buy from amazon, click thru my other blog and i’ll earn a portion of anything you purchase. you can click on any amazon link on my blog. it will automatically keep track of anything you purchase on the site during that session. you don’t have to purchase the item from the link you clicked.
thanks for giving it a try! we are really struggling here and this is one way we can get some cash flow going. thank you, merry christmas, and happy shopping!

my new blog!


the economy has finally hit us–and hard! doug’s business is barely crawling along. we were very blessed last year to still have lots of work when others were feeling the pinch. now it’s our turn, i guess. so, in an effort to start my own business, or to at least generate some cash flow for my family i started a new blog.

you can find it here:

my new blog is dedicated to encouraging parents to read to their children. it will always have book recommendations for every age. i have links to amazon so you can easily purchase any of my recommendations. that’s how i’ll generate cash, so click and purchase! amazon almost always has the best prices on books. you can even find some from independent sellers that cost a lot less in the amazon marketplace.

so, check it out and let me know what you think. offer suggestions of your favorite books or of things you’d like to see on the site. stop by often. i’ll update frequently with new recommendations.

nick got married!

may 14th was the big day. it was a beautiful one, too. when i get pictures i’ll post some. we enjoyed a wonderful morning at the san diego temple, came home for lunch, and then went to the reception at the christensen’s. lots of friends were very helpful in making it all come together so beautifully. it will always be a great memory!

nick and emily have been married for a month and they are doing well. they will be finishing up at byu in april next year, and then off to graduate school, wherever that is. we’ll have to wait and see.

it is very fun to have a daughter! sometimes it’s hard to believe that it’s true. i love it, though!

clayton is a missionary!

i’m way behind on this here blog. clayton left march 3rd for the missionary training center in provo. he has been a missionary for 3 months now. he served in monticello, arkansas for the first 2 transfers. he was transferred this week but we don’t know where, yet. he’s loving it! i’ll post pictures later.

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