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I was on Facebook today and saw a shared blog post that really bothered me. I won’t give the link here because it doesn’t deserve any more attention. But, it was shared by more than one friend and has hundreds of comments, so I decided to voice my opinion, in my own quiet way, on my blog. Well, I also made a comment on one of my friend’s posts.

The blogger stated that she is the worst mom ever. (I’ll have to agree.) Then, in jest, supposedly, she complains about the end of the school year. In the course of her musings, she states that she hasn’t signed her child’s homework packet for 3 weeks. OK, we all do that at some point. Not a big deal. Then she complains about finding the time to read to her daughter, after already having logged billions of minutes reading and says that she’ll be doing this until she dies. Well, I hope so!

The part that bothered me the most was that she chooses and names 2 out of her five children that she will keep and educate because they like to read. The other three will have to take care of themselves. (I’m not quoting her here because I don’t want to visit her site again to get it correct, but the message is there.)

I feel awful for the three children that weren’t chosen. If they read her blog they will be very sad. Words like that, whether spoken in jest or not, hurt.

I find it difficult to read about a parent who is complaining about the normal, everyday stuff, especially on the heels of tragedies like Sandy Hook or the Oklahoma tornadoes. There are many parents who would love to have the chance again to read to their child, check their homework, or make lunch for them and those opportunities have been taken from them.

Let’s appreciate what we have. I know that some days are more difficult than others. But, my friends, if you have time to blog about what you’re not doing for your children, then you need to stop blogging and be a mom! 

Don’t get me wrong, I like funny stuff as much as anyone. I just don’t like it when it is pointed at children in the way this particular blog was done. None of those things she complained about will last forever. Yes, I have endured the end of the school year for 20 years multiplied by three children. I’ve been there. And, seriously, she only had a few days of school left. Suck it up and move on already!


When did our failures become our badges of honor? Why do we relish in our failures and not in our successes. I would rather be called the best mom than the worst mom ever, even if I’m giving myself the title.

It seems that our failures are more noteworthy than our accomplishments. When you succeed it’s ok to brag a bit. You worked hard for that right. Go ahead and shout it to the world!

Our failures are an important part of our learning process. Let’s use them, learn from them, and then when we’re bragging about our success we can mention them as they guys who helped us succeed.

Sometimes I think we learn too much about each other on Facebook.


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  1. May 31, 2013 at 10:42 am

    Thanks for sharing Kelly! I hope your words of wisdom to her helped! I hope she doesn’t really feel that way about her kids! That would be sad indeed!

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